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Our Brand

Our Mission is to promote veganism and cruelty free brands 😊

👋 Hello, my name is Wendy.  I started to get really curious about veganism and animal rights at the age of 16.  I was shocked to learn how animals suffered from animal testing, during my high school lesson.  Frankly, I never thought any animals would ever suffer because of me 😭.  I just couldn't stop thinking how much pain and suffering I brought to animals because my lifestyle.  My daily habits were directly and indirectly hurting and killing animals (shampoo, skincare products, meals....).  Ever since then, I have been really passionate about veganism and promoting cruelty free products.

In 2017, I decided to turn my mission into my full time career.  Thanks to my partners in US and Europe, I am able to spread the word of veganism and cruelty free to the world!  I believe love 💓 has no boundaries.
    I am also working on veganism awareness campaigns and make donations to help animals.  On an ongoing basis, we donate 5% of our net profit to PETA and New Life Animal Sanctuary.

    Just in case you want to know a little bit more about me 😳

    I was born in Hong Kong.  At the age of 12, I moved to the UK and spent 9 years in that lovely place.  After my graduating from University in the UK, I completed my Master Degree in Hong Kong.  I worked for many years in market research and data analysis areas in Hong Kong and Macau.  Currently, I am working full time to promote veganism and cruelty free brands!  BTW, our products are be delivered and custom printed by my business partners in US and Europe. 🚀

      Adding fun and happy moments in your vegan life 😜

      What is being a vegan like?  It is fun!  It is tasty!  It is loving and beautiful! We are here to add even more fun and happy moments in your vegan journey!

      Enjoy your cruelty free carefree shopping with us!  All of our products are made of vegan clothing material. 
        Have fun, together, let's make the world a beautiful place. 

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