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Exclusive Interview with Vegan Actress: Joanna Leigh Hewitt

Hey Everyone,

We are so exciting about our exclusive interview with Joanna Leigh Hewitt, a trained actress from Italia Conti Theatre Arts Ltd. Most recently she played the role of Alexandra in Sci Fi Horror Film Landing Lake which will be going to Netflix.

Joanna has also performed in many plays off the West end such as Lucy in - Dracular & Nina In- The Swan in the Attic. Currently Joanna is writing her own material and exited to produce it this year. To Keep fit she keep a Vegan Lifestyle enjoying such healthy foods and attitudes has helped to keep her in shape physically and mentally.  Joanna also loves to dance and play Archery and paints canvases in her spare time.

1. What influenced you to go vegan?

I have seen the waves happening in the world at the moment, there is a movement that is taking place and it is beautiful. Alicia Silverstone is one of my biggest inspirations I think she is a kind person with good ethics, I had seen an interview she had done on Youtube which inspired me to try it.

I was Pescatarian before becoming vegan, slowly transitioning.  I always knew I would be aiming for the plant based lifestyle I just wasn’t quite sure when or how to make that jump and now I feel wonderful from the Inside out.

Being Vegan isn’t just a diet, it’s a way of life, the kind way, the human way.

2. Are your friends and family supportive on your vegan lifestyle?

I’m lucky, training at drama school you have a lot of diverse friends who all have different diets, you can explore with other people’s cultures and diets which makes life more fun. I was in an environment that welcomed change and difference.

My family are supportive people in general. Even though they are both meat eaters, when I am cooking which is often, My father smells the delicious flavours coming from the kitchen and always tries the food, followed by my mother. They always join in and end up loving the food.

3. As an actress, you are always traveling aboard.  Is it easy to adopt vegan lifestyle when you are travelling?

Luckily when travelling on a film set, they ask for your dietary requirements and it may or may not always be the style that you may cook yourself but I think its nice to have new experiences in food.

I have a few funny stories from filming and food experiences actually that I probably shouldn’t say, however I will say that we all got incredibly addicted or maybe accustomed too to Soup, Salad And Macedonia.

When we came back for the second half of filming, I brought snacks back for everyone to enjoy.

I wouldn’t say it is easy unless they have vegan experts on board, it is all about being open to trying new vegan options and grateful for the dishes provided.

4. I know that you love cooking, what is your most favourite vegan recipe?

I do Indeed love to cook, I think most of my recipes are inspired by Italian Dishes from the time I spent in Italy, the seasoning at least.

My Favourite dish to cook Is Penne Arrabiata, It’s a spicy Italian Dish, Made with tomato’s, Chilies, Pasta. It really is that Simple it’s how you cook it that makes it so beautiful.

Obviously, you can add Olives if you’re an Olive fan. Or broccoli to Jazz it up a bit.

5. Are there any changes on your fashion sense after becoming vegan?

I’ve never worn Real Fur, I just don’t agree with it at all.
I don’t use leather bags or such. I guess my whole outlook on how things are produced has changed. I am still learning however, it’s a process you learn as you go along what is ethical and what is not.

6. What are your tips for those just starting a vegan diet?

I would say start gradually or you may fall of the bandwagon. 

Start by going to a restaurant and try a Vegan dish that has been cooked to perfection so you can see for yourself that Vegan dishes can be just as good as meat dishes, the only difference is you haven’t learned how to cook them well yet. 

And don’t give up, if you mess up one day you can always start again the next.

I would say the Key to sticking with it is preparation, research good recipes and try making up some of your own.

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Luck & Love with your New Vegan Dishes

Joanna Leigh Hewitt